We help you strive to reach your goals.

At strive2score, we strive to progress and develop all participant’s technical abilities, tactical awareness, physical fitness and also, the psychological aspects of the game.

We strive to build a great environment where player’s can perform to their maximum peak both in matches and in training for their various clubs. We work with a philosophy that focuses on work ethic, desire, decision making, confidence, discipline and creativity.

We strive to provide every player with the best opportunities to achieve their ambitions within sports.

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Hi I’m Madju, founder of Strive2score Elite performance.

My ambition has always been to provide elite level training and share the knowledge I have obtained through my experiences so that everyone can achieve their best within the sport of football. 

Having played grassroots football since I was 10 years old, I noticed that there was a lack of ball mastery and game structure to help guide player's to perform better and become more confident. 

Strive2score addresses the gaps in your performance to help you thrive and achieve the best within yourself. 

My training sessions are structured around your needs and through careful video analysis of your performance I will help push and enhance you each time so that you can perform to an elite level whether in training or matches. 

My sessions have been described as fun yet challenging and people travel from far and wide to train at Strive2Score to upgrade themselves and reach the next level. 

The next level for yourself is there and we will squeeze and push it out of you to enable you to perform your best of the best.

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King George's Recreational Ground, Sidcup, DA15 7LB


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